• High Paying Commission

    Earn an average commission of $20.85 on your referral's first payment

  • Timely And Transparent Commission Verification

    REWA Academy will provide commission verification information for you every month. Once confirmed, the commission will arrive in your account on time.

  • Marketing Promotion Support

    REWA Academy will offer professionally-designed marketing materials and promotion links to assist in your promotional efforts.

  • Join Free

    It costs you absolutely nothing to join the program. There is neither a monthly fee nor a minimum sales requirement.


Right now, repair shop owners, repair technicians and industry influencers, etc. are participating in REWA ACADEMY affiliate program. If your audiences are interested in learning mobile phone repair, we recommend that you apply for REWA ACADEMY affiliate program immediately.

Step 1

Submit the application form to marketing@rewatechnology.com

Step 2

Our team will carefully review your application. If approved, you will get a dedicated affiliate link from which clicks of your referral can be tracked.

As long as your referral purchases REWA ACADEMY online courses, you can receive a 15% commission on the referral's first payment.


  • Jesse Cruz

    "The iPhone Logic Board Repair Work Flow & Troubleshooting Course is a great course because it has a lot of good information about how to diagnose board level issues. I found their videos to provide a lot of details about how the different IC's work together, which makes things helpful when trying to solve an issue. There're videos on Touch Circuit, Audio Circuit, Charging Circuit, Touch ID Circuit, etc.

    The Boot Circuit videos for the iPhone 6, 7, and X are my favorite because diagnosing No Power can be very valuable for Data Recovery cases. The videos cover all the different power lines, data lines, clock lines & stuff like that. It also explains when in the boot up process they turn on. It lists all lines you should check for troubleshooting boot up issues.

    1 or 2 data recovery jobs & the course will pay for itself!"

  • Kefelegan

    "The mobile phone repair business changs constantly repair failures too, in these businesses knowing that there are academies where a technician can get the best practical classes is something like a blessing. Thanks to REWA ACADEMY, my team can upgrade ourselves not only taking a paid class but also following their YouTube channel."

  • Luis Enrique Jasso

    "Nos ayudo con una forma fácil, fluida, sencilla y concisa a entender los procesos de diagnóstico y solución a los equipos Apple.

    Nuestro trabajo al contrario de otras ramas laborales locales mejoró y fue una oportunidad para crecer. Aprovechamos la adversidad y creamos una oportunidad: Dar soluciones efectivas a las fallas de los equipos de nuestros clientes."

  • Patrick Nareen Ribbsaeter

    "I've tried the REWA ACADEMY Online course, and I must say it's packed with useful information for anyone who wants to start in the phone repair business, don't delay subscribe today."

  • Yun Fei

    "every stuff clearly including detail, repair tips, etc. I totally enjoy the convenience of the online course. I hope REWA ACADEMY can support on the mobile phone or tablet in the future and hope you guys keep improving the course!"


  • 01
    The commission is only applicable to the referral's first purchase on REWA ACADEMY.
  • 02
    The commission is not applicable for the same referral who purchases again on REWA ACADEMY.
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