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    More than 28 lessons covers microsoldering , jumping wires, double-layer motherboard separation on different iPhone motherboard

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Course Overview

This handwork course package focus on soldering/desoldering techniques of RC-components, BGA chips, SMD connectors and CPU of different iPhone models, detailed explanation of jumping wires, and techniques for iPhone double-stacked motherboard separation/recombination. Take this course and you will master iPhone motherboard micro-soldering techniques. This is the course that can help you understand the right tools for micro-soldering to avoid further damaging the motherboard, and lay a good foundation for your daily repair work.

You Will Learn

  • Soldering/desoldering of RC-components/BGA chips/connectors safely and efficiently, you will understand the clever use of different repair tools in micro-soldering.

  • What jumping wires can do in repair work. Learn detailed steps and techniques of jumping wires.

  • Double-stacked motherboard separation/recombination, you will understand structures and features of double-stacked motherboards and master desoldering/soldering techniques of double-stacked motherboards.

  • Soldering/desoldering of CPU, understand structures of different iPhone CPU, detailed steps and techniques for desoldering/soldering of CPU.

Course Curriculum

    1. iPhone X Motherboard Separation/Recombination

    1. Removal Techniques Of Different Metal Shields On iPhone Logic Board

    2. Soldering/Desoldering iPhone small components

    3. iPhone X-Pro Max Desoldering&Soldering of RC-components

    1. iPhone 6 Display Connector Soldering/Desoldering

    2. iPhone 7 Plus Display Connector Soldering/Desoldering

    3. iPhone 6 SIM Card Reader Replacing

    4. Desoldering and Soldering of iPhone 8P Touch Connector and Charging Port Connector

    5. How to Desoldering & Soldering Of iPhone X WiFi FPC Connector

    6. iPhone X Replacing SIM Card Reader

    1. iPhone 6 Backlight IC Soldering/Desoldering

    2. iPhone 6 USB IC Soldering/Desoldering

    3. iPhone 6 WiFi Module Replacing

    4. iPhone 6 PMU Soldering/Desoldering

    5. iPhone 6 Baseband CPU Soldering/Desoldering

    6. iPhone 6 NAND Flash Chip Soldering/Desoldering

    7. iPhone 6s Power Chip Soldering & Desoldering

    8. iPhone 7 Plus Audio IC Soldering/Desoldering

    9. iPhone 7 WiFi Module Soldering/Desoldering

    10. iPhone 7 Power Amplifier IC Soldering/Desoldering

    11. iPhone 7 PMU Soldering/Desoldering

    12. iPhone X PMU Soldering/Desoldering

    13. iPhone 7 Plus Baseband CPU Soldering/Desoldering

    14. iPhone 7 NAND Flash Chip Soldering/Desoldering

    15. iPhone X Baseband CPU Soldering/Desoldering

    16. iPhone X NAND Flash Chip Soldering/Desoldering

    17. iPhone X Charging IC Desoldering and Soldering

    1. iPhone 6 Jump wire Techniques

    1. iPhone X Motherboard Separation/Recombination

    2. Tips of iPhone X and above Models Double-stacked Board Separation & Recombination

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