About Us

Developed by REWA Technology, REWA Academy is a platform that provides repair technique learning, practical demonstration, and idea-sharing for practitioners in the electronic repair industry.

Relying on the ten years of industry experience and a professional technical team, REWA has developed a series of industry-leading and practical iPhone repair training courses. Combining teaching experiences at home and abroad and feedback from trainees, our curriculum system is designed to take trainees into the electronic repair world step by step with the help of our online and offline courses. So that our trainees can master necessary technical skills like the workflow of components, fault-finding analysis, repair solutions, the usage of repair tools, etc.. and become a qualified repair technician.

At the same time, we look forward to communicating and cooperating with excellent repair technicians all around the world to develop more courses. Join us and make a specific and unique contribution to the healthy development of the global electronic repair industry.

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