• How to register and log in?

    You can register by clicking Create a new account under the registration page, or you can log in to REWA Academy through a third-party account such as Linkedin, Google, Facebook, etc.

  • How to purchase courses?

    On the Online Course page, you can view all of our online courses and pricing. You can choose the course you are interested in and click to open. After opening, there will be a course introduction, catalog and course preview about this course; we provide monthly courses for the same course And annual courses, you can purchase courses of the length of time you need through the drop-down options.

  • How to watch the course?

    After you register, there will be My Dashboard in your personal center at the top of the page. There are courses you purchased in My Course in My Dashboard. Click to open and watch; the course interface is adapted to different device terminals. You can use your mobile phone, tablet or Watch and learn on the computer.

  • I am a beginner, and I want to get into this field. Does the academy have suitable courses for me?

    Our current courses are designed for amateurs and motherboard-level repair technicians. If you want to learn more about iPhone motherboard repair, you can start with our motherboard foundation courses.

  • I have rich experience in iPhone motherboard repair. Does the academy have courses that suit me?

    Yes, we have. Based on our training experience in the past two years, many experienced repair technicians are not so good at theory. Our theory courses can help you improve in this area and make your repair methodology more systematic.

  • Are there any solutions to the problems during the study process?

    Yes, there are. You can leave your questions in the comment section of the course, and we will answer the questions regularly.

  • Will the courses be updated after the purchase?

    At present, the courses are purchased monthly and annually. We will update the courses regularly for different course packages. The newly added courses can be watched for free during the purchase period.

  • How can I buy the repair tools and parts in the video?

    REWA provides a one-stop service for customers. You can visit our online shop through the navigation bar “Shop” on the homepage of the academy to purchase the products you need.